For use in agriculture
Concentrate of humic substances
UNIVERSAL–PRO concentrate
For indoor and outdoor plants in tubs and pots
For garden and greenhouse
Humate Green OK are the high-quality, natural, human and environmentally friendly organic and organomineral fertilisers which provide a richer and healthier harvest and a brighter blooming garden with less expenditure.

Humate Green OK:
  increases fruitfulness, improves flavour and raises the nutrition value;
  improves seed germination, promotes rooting and helps layering, stimulates branching and plant growth;
  prolongs blooming and promotes abundant flowering;
  increases immunity against unfavourable growth conditions (heat, drought, frost, disease etc);
  increases the efficiency of mineral fertilisers and can lead to a 30-40% reduction in the use of fertilisers;
  reduces residual amount of pesticides and nitrates in the product;
  stimulates recovery of weak plants and encourages the development of dormant buds.
The advantages of using Humate Green OK will be seen in an increase in foliage, number of productive stems, flowering and colour vibrancy. Plants will also be more resistant to stress caused by temperature and other unfavourable growth conditions.
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