For soil improvement

A brief information on GreenOK products
and their application advantages

We offer a wide range  of biologically active organic and organic-mineral fertilizers on a basis of humic substances under the trade mark GreenOK. Basing on composition, our products are divided into two groups:

a) organic fertilizers :water solutions of humic concentrates with content of humic substances 5 g/L to 25 g/L (0,5 – 2,5%). These products can be used either alone, in order to enrich the soil with organic nutrients, or in combination with fertilizers.

b) organic-mineral fertilizers : water solutions of humic concentrates with mineral fertilizers in different proportions – nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (NPK), and various microelements. For different types of crops some various special fertilizers with special NPK formula are created. Using these fertilizers , mineral fertilizers should not be used because the required dosage is already included in the product.

According to application areas our products are divided into two main groups:

a) professional products , for treatment of large agricultural areas (Universal Pro line as well as large volume composting promoter without NPK .

b) products for home and backyard farms in small volume packs both for houseplants and balcony flowers and a variety of garden and greenhouse crops.

Earth’s bedrock is covered by a relatively thin layer of soil, without what the green plant existence would not be possible. The basis of soil consists of fine fractions of rocks : sand, clay, gravel, dolomite and of organic substabces , of which the most important is exactly humic substances. You can say that it would be not soil without humic substances.

Soil fertility is therefore directly dependent on the composition and concentration of humic substances, which can be determined visually – .if soil is dark and lush, it is rich in humic substances.

Humic substances are formed of different micro-organisms living in the soil due to exposure to the transformation of plant and animal organic residues. Simply this process can be described as decay.

The main types of humic substances are humic acids and fulvic acids.

  1. Why humic substances are necessary for plants?

Humic substances

– improve soil structure,

– Optimize air, water and temperature regimes,

– Improve plant metabolism,,

– Make up  nutrients (NPK) stocks in the soil,

– Manage nutrient flow and processing to make it easy consumable for plant,

– Activate  soil microbial activity.

– Stronger and healthy root system formation;

– Longer and more abundant flowering;

– Better metabolism leads to a complete nutrient consumption;

– Plant forms stronger and healthier ;

– Even a 20% higher yield;

– Improves soil features;

– Plants become more immune to extreme conditions (heat, drought, excessive moisture).

Currently available bio-humus (also called vermicompost) is a soil substrate of the earthworm manure or coprolites, resulting from the transformation of organic compounds in the digestive tract of earthworms as a result of biochemical and microbiological reactions.

In bio-humus substrate humic substances are in bound form. It takes a long time to obtain these substances in plant consumable form, so that the substrate effect is visible only after a long time, as long as products GreenOK have immediate effect.

Charges for the use of bio humus are at least 100 times higher than GreenOK usage costs.

Very popular among buyers are many cheap liquid fertilizers. Often they are preferred just because the low cost.

The main difference of these fertilizers from GreenOK product – conventional liquid fertilizers are water-based, very weak fertilizer solutions. Plants surely need minerals, but the main thing missing from this type of fertilizers – organic substances. By contrast GreenOK organo mineral fertilizer line eliminates this disadvantage by offering a so-called “two in one” principle, while nourishing the plants along with both organic and mineral fertilizer.

Often liquid fertilizer producers highlight the amino acid content in their product. We believe that this is a publicity stunt, because any organic, especially the biologically active product contains all the amino acids necessary for the plant.

Our product, in contrast to both the conventional liquid fertilizers, and fertilizers containing humic substances, is characterized by high biological activity.

This is due to the applied production technology. Most manufacturers offering fertilizers with humic substances content, use mineral leonardite as raw material. During processing of this mineral high temperature and pressure is used, as a result most of useful microorganisms just perish.  By contrast GreenOK product is produced by other technology, where no high temperatures or other extreme conditions are used. So the micro-organisms persist and begin to actively work immediately after their arrival in the soil.

The best GreenOK applications are in weakened, poor or even contaminated soils, as well as in extreme climatic conditions. If the soil is fertile and lush, climate is mild, with no heat and drought periods, humic substances will come in handy as organo mineral fertilizer, but will not give a specific yield increase.

At present, with good results are going experiments, growing crops in pure sand applying GreenOK special products. Experiments show that regular use of products containing humic substances, is a potential for very significant soil and yield improvement.

It has been shown that GreenOK products, by mixing them together with pesticide solutions and spraying this mixture over plants, prevent plant stress. This is very important because the influence of stress for several days stops plant growth. In turn, using GreenOK such a growth process interruption is practically impossible. It means that earlier harvest is possible.  

Our company has taken special care and efforts for  GreenOK decontamination of solid particles. This means that professional farmers can use it completely safely without fear of spray nozzles becoming clogged.

GreenOK products are not only possible but also recommended to be mixed with liquid fertilizers. This means that 1) it is possible to use 20% less fertilizer, as is proven that GreenOK products not only promote the uptake of nutrients, but also  improve plant metabolism and reduce the required fertilizer; 2) as liquid fertilizer is sprayed together with GreenOK product, additional processing costs of field are not required. As a result, farmers obtain a remarkable economy of means, while ensuring yield increase.

For backyard farms we recommend the use of our organo mineral fertilizers intended for specific field crops, for example, strawberries, cucumbers, vegetables, tomatoes, flowers, conifers etc.  

This guarantees that:

1) plants simultaneously receive both organic fertilizers and mineral fertilizers, and any other fertilization will not be necessary;

2) GreenOK product use interval is 2 weeks or longer, product is highly concentrated and must be diluted with plenty of water; so we save financial means as fertilization with Green OK is cheaper than with conventional, liquid fertilizers;

3) GreenOK product is absolutely pure and friendly to human and animal health; plants treated with our product can be harvested and used for human consumption on the same day;

4) Using GreenOK products on a long term, they take soil improvement functions, so that there is no need to plane any additional improving actions, e.g., acquisition and incorporation of livestock manure, which also saves money.

5) Using GreenOK composting promoter it’ s possible to very effectively recycle all organic waste, converting them into fertile top soil in a very short period of time.