Green OK in Nordic Gardens (Nordiska Trädgårdar) in Stockholm

In Nordic Gardens (Nordiska Trädgårdar) in Stockholm, Nordic countries are introduced to the best that Latvia can offer.

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“Razosanas Tehnologijas” – the domestic producer of organic fertilizers participated in the largest industry exhibition in Sweden, which is popular throughout Scandinavia. The leading Scandinavian gardeners’ exhibition is held annually in Stockholm, Sweden, at the end of March. From 350 to 400 exhibitors from all over the world, from 600 different media representatives from around the world, visitors from around 55 thousand to 60 thousand visitors attend this exhibition.

At the exhibition, interested people could get acquainted with the achievements of the neighboring countries horticulture, buy seedlings, fertilizers, plant protection products, learn about the latest methods and products in horticulture and learn about the latest achievements of the scientists of the Baltic Sea region.

Green OK Sapropela meslojums 750 ml

The products developed by the Latvian Institute of Humic Substances (LHVI) produced by “Razosanas Tehnologijas” Ltd. in Scandinavia created a real interest.

In particular, visitors to the exhibition were interested in the organic fertilizer produced in Latvia from sapropel and the new, granulated humic substance “GreenOK Formula 4X”.


The Scandinavian market is attractive for Latvian producers due to the relatively close geographic location. It also gives the opportunity to compete in terms of the cost of production and services.

Participation in the exhibition allowed the Latvian producer to get valuable contacts for further business in Scandinavia. Participation in the exhibition is positive for the manufacturer of the LHVI brand GreenOK. It must be admitted that the best results in the exhibition are gained by companies that start constantly on a number of occasions in a given country, gradually positioning themselves and gaining ever greater success.