GreenOK inform about news in the International Exhibition

Manufacturer of Latvian Institute of Humic substances (LHVI) brand “GreenOK” products company “Ražošanas Tehnoloģijas” participated in the 28th International Exhibition of Agriculture, Forestry, Environmental Creation and Improvement “Agricultural and Forestry Equipment – RURAL FARM 2019”. The exhibition took place in the fall 2019 from October 3 to 5. Such exhibitions are held twice a year in Latvia: in autumn and spring.

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The exhibitions held by company A.M.L. are well-known and supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, industry associations, agricultural companies and visitors.

GreenOK pārstāvji Rāmava rudens 2019

Over three days, the exhibition brought together more than 190 exhibitors and 9.6 thousand visitors. At the exhibition in GreenOK stand industry experts found useful information and new ideas for daily work on organic fertilizers and microbiological preparations in organic and integrated farming.

Rāmava rudens 2019 GreenOK

For centuries, agriculture has contributed to the Latvian economy, which is why agriculture plays an important role in preserving natural resources and cultural landscapes; it serves as a prerequisite for other human activities in rural areas. LHVI is engaged in scientific research and development of organic products to reduce soil degradation through soil-friendly agricultural practices.

The soil consists of mineral particles, water, organic matter and living organisms. It is a complex, dynamic and living resource that provides important food and biomass functions. Soil accumulates, filtrates and transforms water, carbon and nitrogen. Soil is exposed to various degradation processes. Some of these processes are closely related to agriculture: water, wind and soil erosion, soil compaction, soil organic carbon and soil biodiversity loss, salinisation and sodification, soil contamination by heavy metals, pesticides or plant unused nitrate and phosphate residues.

Rāmava rudens 2019 GreenOK jaunumiTo limit soil degradation processes, LHVI products contribute to soil protection and soil fertility preservation. The degree of soil degradation depends on the characteristics of the soil as well as on the soil treatment techniques. Methods recommended by LHVI significantly reduce soil degradation, allowing better protection of soil resources and availability of existing soil resources to plants.

LHVI’s mission is sustainable agriculture and maintaining soil fertility!