Product development and trials

From the very beginning, as soon as the first Humate Green OK product was developed, product testing in both laboratory and field conditions is ongoing.

The development and testing of new products is carried out in co-operation with the Latvian Institute of Humic Substances. Since its inception, the Institute has been involved with industry experts and collaborates with experienced scientists, participates in international scientific conferences and exhibits its products at international exhibitions. The Institute is a member of several local and international organizations:

  • International Humic Substances  Society (IHSS)
  • The Horticultural Industry Association (GIMA), UK
  • Agricultural Organizations Cooperation Council (LOSP), Latvia
  • Latvian Association of Humic Products Producers and Consumers, Latvia

Along with the internationally recognized Latvian and European organizations, studies have been carried out at the Latvian Institute of Humic Substances on the effectiveness of humic substances and phytohormones.

One of the first trials with Humate Green OK products was held in 2010 at the SKRIVERI SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTE, under the leadership of Dr.agr. Lidia Borovko. The first studies in Skriveri with humic substances have already started in 2005. Both these studies and the trials with Humate Green OK products  have proved that

“Humic substances have the ability to actively act on plants, promote their growth, development, and increase the yield and yield quality.”

See more: “Conclusion on the effect of fertilizers containing humic substances on crop yield increase”

Field trials on potatoes showed that

“The use of Humate Green OK and GreenCytokin for the treatment of potato tubers and plant spraying during the vegetation period had a positive effect. The use of Humate Green OK in potato cultivation provided a significant yield increase per 1m2: on average 1.13 kg or 21% more than the Control. GreenCytokinin had an average gain of 0.91 kg or 17%, which is also significant increase comparing to Control. ”

Full report: “Use of Humate Green OK in open field potatoes

Also, the study on the effects of the humic product Humate Green OK on seed germination, germination energy and root system evolution demonstrated the effect of humic substances on plants “, confirmed the activity of humic substances and the beneficial effects on plant growth and development.

Full report: “Effects of the Humate Green OK product on Seed Germination, Germination Energy and Root Development“.

In cooperation with the University of Latvia Institute of Biology, under the guidance of academician, professor, Dr.hab.biol. Isaak Rashal, several studies have been conducted including the “Effects of product Humate Green OK humic substances on the flax somatic callus culture”. This study showed that humic substance Humate Green OK has a phytohormonal (auxins) effect.

Full report: “Effects of Humate Green OK on the flax somatic callus culture”.

In cooperation with the International Depositary Authority of the Latvian University, a collection of Latvian Microorganisms Culture, under the guidance of  Dr.biol.Vizma Nikolaeva, the microbiological composition of Humate Green OK was investigated. As a result, it was found that all fungi and bacterial preparations product contains are non-pathogenic and are normal inhabitants of soil.

Full report: “Identification of bacteria and fungi in humic product Humate Green OK”.