Production and quality control

The plant for Humate GreenOK products manufacturing  in Olaine was established in 2010 when we launched the production of the first product – Humate GreenOK Universal-PRO.

Now the assortment is much wider and we use both peat and sapropel for the production of humic substances. A separate group of products is plant growth promoters that contain plant hormones or phytohormones. For production of these  we have introduced a specific biotechnology.

Humic substances are obtained by treating peat and sapropel with a special cavitation method. This method allows to obtain a highly concentrated and “live” humic solution, which maintains benign soil microorganisms that have a positive effect on soil fertility and plant health.

Product quality is one of our priorities. To ensure it, we constantly monitor the quality of our products throughout their production process and before being passed on to consumers.