An innovative solution that simultaneously exerts a powerful effect on both plants and soil

This autumn we are introducing a new product – liquid nitrogen fertilizer “GreenOK GREEN BUDDY”, which not only can be used as a crop fertilizer, but also quickly and efficiently digests plant residues. It is recommended to use the product after harvesting to compost straw, crop residues and improve soil prior to autumn sowing to increase the natural biological activity of the soil and improve soil fertility.

Nitrogen fertilizers with natural humic substances “GreenOK GREEN BUDDY” is an innovative solution that has a strong and powerful effect on both plants and soil.

Nitrogen fertilizers contain biologically active humic substances of natural origin, thus significantly reducing the loss of fertilizers, achieving a biostimulatory effect – activating life processes in plants. Recommended for all crops, improving soil fertility and composting plant residues.

The total nitrogen in the fertilizer is (N) 30%. The basic composition of a nitrogen fertilizer consists of several forms of nitrogen:

  • amide nitrogen (N-NH2) 14.8%,
  • nitrate nitrogen (N-NO3) 7.7%,
  • ammoniacal nitrogen (N-NH4) 7.5%


  • Restoration of soil fertility;
  • Improves nutrient penetration into plants;
  • Increased efficiency of mineral fertilizers and 20-30% nitrogen fertilizer consumption;
  • Promotes root system development;
  • Stimulates plant growth;
  • Promotes the recovery of weakened plants;
  • Promotes favorable microflora in the soil.

When dry fertilizers are used, their maximum efficiency is only 40%, the remaining 60% remaining in the soil, preventing the development of biological processes in the soil. Liquid fertilizers are already 80% efficient and only 20% or less remain in the soil and are not used. When biologically active humic substances are added, losses are significantly reduced, mineral fertilizer efficiency increases, organic nitrogen accumulation in the soil and soil humus regeneration occur. The economic benefit of using liquid nitrogen fertilizers with humic substances GreenOK GREEN FRIEND Save up to 50%.

Preparing the soil before sowing this autumn and using “GreenOK GREEN BUDDY” can increase the efficiency of soil tillage and save on nitrogenous fertilizers (N), which remain in the soil and are not used by the plants. Liquid nitrogen fertilizer with humic substances “GreenOK GREEN BUDDY”, used for soil improvement and composting of organic matter, straw and other plant residues in the field, increases the natural biological activity of the soil and improves soil fertility.

Registered in VAAD 25.06.2019, Reg. Certificate no. C1.02 1841 19.

Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer GreenOK Green Buddy 5 L and GreenOK Green Buddy 750 ml