Sprayer GreenOK fertilizer for white 750ml bottles

Sprayer GreenOK fertilizer for white 750ml bottles

GreenIK smidzinātājs

Easier, simpler, faster and more efficient – these are the benefits of using a GreenOK sprayer.

This season we offer new technology that makes plant care easier and saves time. Fertilizing plants with GreenOK humus fertilizers eliminates the need for pre-treatment solution and no watering can or sprayer to spread the fertilizer over the plants.

GreenOK smidzinātājs

The spray nozzle doses GreenOK fertilizer directly from the bottle. The dispenser, which is built into the sprayer, mixes fertilizer and water in the required proportions.

How to use the sprayer? Simple!

GreenOK smidzinātājs

  1. Unscrew the cap for the GreenOK 750 ml fertilizer bottle.
  2. Remove the sprayer from its packaging and connect the sprayer parts.
  3. Screw the sprayer onto the bottle and connect the water hose.
  4. Spray the leaves of the plants until they are completely moist.
  5. NOTE! Do not spray the leaves in sunny weather.

Which fertilizer to spray?

This sprayer is only intended for spraying GreenOK fertilizers in 750ml white bottles. It can also be applied to GreenOK soil improvement products packed in white bottles as these products are specially filtered.

To buy GreenOK spray nozzle

For those who like complex solutions, we offer a kit that includes a spray nozzle and three 750 ml bottles of GreenOK fertilizer: for conifers, flowers and lawn – a complete spring-summer kit. This is also a wonderful gift for a loved one, friend or acquaintance who loves to work in the garden.

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