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Use of Humate GreenOK products

The use of Humate GreenOK products can be compared to the consumption of vegetables and fruits in the diet – you can eat fresh fruit and vegetables and ingest both the juice and fiber from them, but you can squeeze and drink juice. Each use has its own advantages.

Similarly, humic concentrates are both purified from peat and sapropel particles and also are compositions containing mechanical impurity particles. Depending on the presence of these particles in the concentrate, it can be used either by spraying onto the leaves of the plant, or by watering the plant roots, or both.

Both types of concentrates can be used to soak seeds, tubers, bulbs and other planting materials before planting.


Products for watering are in brown packaging.

These products contain particles of peat or sapropel, so they are diluted with water and used for plant roots watering. The dosage and recommended frequency of use are indicated on the packaging of each product.

Spraying on leaves or watering

Products for spraying are in white packing.

These products are especially cleaned of peat and sapropel particles so that they do not clog the sprayer nozzles. Therefore, these products are diluted with water and recommended to be sprayed on the leaves – in suitable weather conditions, or when placed on the roots of the plant. The dosage and recommended time of use are indicated on the packaging of each product.

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